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As some of you may know, we’ve been playtesting PlanetSide Arena with a small core group of players from our community for several months now. Our intention with these playtests was to slowly expand the group as we build toward our first true Beta. During that time, our Dev team has been working diligently to implement everything we’ve learned from those playtests so that when released, the game will meet all of your expectations.

What we’ve discovered during playtesting is that while we’ve made significant strides towards that goal, there are crucial feature enhancements and core systems improvements we can make that will lift PlanetSide Arena to the level it deserves. This game is a passion project for our team, with massive potential to occupy a unique space within the PlanetSide series and the overall shooter genre. And while we agonized about this decision down to the deadline, we ultimately decided taking extra time to supplement our feature set, fully optimize engine performance, and improve server infrastructure was absolutely necessary to deliver the quality, polished game the PlanetSide community deserves.

That’s why today we’re announcing that PlanetSide Arena will now launch on March 26, 2019. Along with our new date announcement, we're also introducing an exclusive Founders Season to get our most dedicated fans in before launch (more details below). We know the delay will be frustrating to some, but we believe this game will be truly special, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your – and our – lofty expectations.

Thank you for your patience. We promise it’ll be worth it.



We’re also announcing that the first Closed Beta for PlanetSide Arena will begin next week on Wednesday, January 30!

Closed Beta will give us invaluable information and insight into how our systems, servers, databases, and backend infrastructure work together. But more importantly, it’s also a crucial touchpoint for your feedback, so we can learn just how fun and satisfying the core gameplay experience is for all of you. This first Beta will push our hardware and new server infrastructure to new limits and we’re sure to run into issues – lag, bugs, other performance hiccups – so please bear with us. Our systems and servers are built to accommodate a massive number of players, and putting them through their paces is necessary so we can net the information we need to deliver a quality game that performs smoothly at launch.

We'll share a full FAQ with more information about how to join this first Beta along with specific server times tomorrow.



Along with our Closed Beta news, we’re also excited to announce an additional bonus for those of you who pre-ordered: the Founders Season! The Founders Season will begin on February 20, 2019 and will feature an exclusive Battle Pass with items you can only earn during this season. Everyone who pre-orders PlanetSide Arena will immediately gain access to the Founders Season and Battle Pass on February 20. It’s our way of thanking all of you for hanging in there while we prime the Arena for launch.

Between the unique items, specialized content, and exclusive Battle Pass, we’re excited to get you in for this very special Founders Season while we pave the way towards our full launch with Season 1 on March 26, 2019.

Thank you all again for your patience, passion, and commitment to this project. Now that we've been able to shed some light on our launch, Beta, and Founders Season dates, we'll continue to share news and insights about the game through our "Inside the Arena" Developer series. See you in the Arena!

Much Love,

- The PlanetSide Arena Team